Officers and Executive Committee

  • Mary Lee Mann / President
  • Ian F. Mann / Vice President
  • Kay Higgins / Secretary
  • David Carleton Hall / Treasurer


Executive Committee Members-at-Large

  • John B. Fassett
  • Fran Fenning
  • Robert J. Kaye
  • David C. McCormick, Ph.D.
  • John Tyrer


Honorary Life Members of the Board of Directors

  • L.D. Bochette ,Jr.
  • Jean Bochette


  • Lydia Black
  • Sunshine Bobo
  • Robert Crossman
  • Berne Davis
  • Kathy Dean
  • Robert “Robin” Dean, Jr.
  • Robert “Rob” Diefenbach
  • John B. Fassett
  • Fran Fenning
  • Don Fjellin
  • Sue Grimes
  • David Carlton Hall
  • David Higgins
  • Kay Higgins
  • Kay Holloway
  • F. Lee Howington, M.D.
  • Wallace D. Hunter, Ph.D.
  • Robert Kaye
  • Donna Kaye
  • Frank Mann, Sr.
  • Mary Lee Mann
  • Ian F. Mann
  • George T. “Pat” Mann, Jr.
  • Jena Mann
  • David C. McCormick Ph.D.
  • Dorothy Munsch
  • John Noland
  • Wiley Parker
  • Robert Pease
  • Robert T. Shafer, Jr.
  • Victoria Stephen
  • Madeleine R. Taeni
  • Pamela Templeton
  • John L. Tyrer
  • Jeanne Tyrer



Gerda Friedeman – Honorary Life Member of the Board of Directors

Honorable Robert T. Shafer, Jr. – Board Member


You can purchase memberships by calling (239) 693-4849, printing out the Subscription Order Form and mailing it to our post office box.

After October 8th, all membership and single ticket inquiries should go to 239-489-4171, our direct Community Concert line at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Box Office.

Attention Lee County School Board employees. Phone 239-489-4171 for your special rates and students’ free season memberships or single concert tickets.