Officers and Executive Committee

  • Mrs. Franklin B. (Mary Lee) Mann, President
  • Kay Holloway, Vice President
  • Sue Grimes, Secretary
  • David Hall, Treasurer

Executive Committee Members-at-Large

  • Mrs. George T. (Barbara B.) Mann,
    President Emeritus
  • Mr. John Fassett
  • Mrs. John Fenning
  • Mr. Robert J. Kaye
  • David C. McCormick, Ph.D.
  • Jack Tyrer


  • D. A. Birch
  • Sunshine T. Bobo
  • Mr. Robert H. Crossman
  • Kathy Dean
  • Robin Dean
  • Mrs. Sidney R Davis
  • Rob Diefenbach
  • Don Ejellin
  • Mr. John B. Fassett
  • Mrs. John B. Fenning
  • Sue B. Grimes
  • David Carleton Hall
  • Mrs. David Higgins
  • Mr. David Higgins
  • Kay Holloway
  • F. Lee Howington, M.D.
  • Wallace D. Hunter, Ph.D.
  • Mr. Robert J. Kaye
  • Mrs. Robert J. Kaye
  • Deirdre Mann
  • Mrs. Franklin B. Mann
  • Mrs. George T. Mann
  • Mr. George T. Mann, Jr.
  • Mrs. George T. Mann, Jr.
  • David C. McCormick, Ph.D.
  • Mrs. Charles B. Munsch
  • Mr. John Norland
  • Hon. Robert T. Shafer, Jr.
  • Vicky Stephen
  • Madeleine R. Taeni
  • Pamela Templeton
  • Mr. John L. Tyrer
  • Mrs. John L. Tyrer
  • Robert I. Velzy, Ph.D.

Honorary Life Directors

  • Mr. L. D. Bochette, Jr.
  • Mrs. L. D. Bochette, Jr
  • Gerda Friedeman


You can purchase memberships by calling (239) 693-4849, printing out the Subscription Order Form and mailing it to our post office box, or going to the web site for the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall.

After October 8th, all membership and single ticket inquiries should go to 239-489-4171, our direct Community Concert line at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Box Office.

Attention Lee County School Board employees. Phone 239-489-4171 for your special rates and students’ free season memberships or single concert tickets.