2019/2020 DONORS

The Fort Myers Community Concert Association 2019-2020 Season Sponsors

The Association expresses its gratitude to all who have made contributions to the success of this season and especially to the following for their extraordinary support.


Berne Davis
Berne Davis

The late Berne Davis was a member of the Fort Myers Community Concert Association for over 69 years. She was our very first Series Sponsor for the 1995-96 Season, a Program Sponsor since the 1997-98 season, and our Series Underwriter for six years.  This year Alexandra Bremner and her mother, Eunice Bremner are again our Series Underwriters honoring the memory of their beloved aunt and sister, Berne.   They want to continue the tradition of support for the Association which she felt was so important to our community.  They have both been involved with many of Berne’s philanthropies over the years, including serving on the Board of the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center in downtown Fort Myers, and Alexandra is now serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Fort Myers Community Concert Association, following in Aunt Berne’s footsteps.


The NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra with pianist David Fray is sponsored by Board Member “Rob” Diefenbach and his wife, Ruth, who live part time in New York City and, fortunately for our area spend their winters here.  The Diefenbachs know our audience will be thrilled with this orchestra and soloist.


Madeleine R. Taeni, one of the Association’s most ardent opera fans is pleased to be the Program Sponsor again for our opera.  This year she has chosen Verdi’s “La Traviata.”  Even though she has moved to Tampa, she continues to support the Association and is passionate about making opera available to our members and friends.


The Program Sponsor for The Russian State Symphony Orchestra with pianist Pavel Nersessian is a long-time Family Friend.  This sponsorship is given in memory of one of our founders, Barbara B. Mann and the many years she tirelessly promoted the performing arts in our area and her devotion to only presenting performers of the highest caliber.


The performance of “Sleeping Beauty” by the Russian National Ballet is being sponsored by new Board Member Marge Kirby.  Her love of the ballet is one of the reasons she has joined our Board.  Marge is looking forward to sharing this special evening and especially hopes that we will again have a large attendance by our local ballet students.


Sanibel-Captiva Community Bank is our Program Sponsor for the Siberian Virtuosi.  This community bank is well known for its monetary contributions and involvement of its personnel with non-profit organizations.  Our Treasurer, David C. Hall is the bank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.


  • Alexandra Bremner and Eunice Bremner
    in memory of Berne Davis


  • Anonymous
  • Ruth and Robert Diefenbach
  • Marge Kirby
  • Sanibel Captiva Community Bank
  • Madeleine R. Taeni


  • Robert Schuster
    in Loving Memory of
    Rita Rose Schuster
  • Karen and Bruce Wilburn



  • Katherine Caldwell
  • David and Kay Higgins
  • Dr. and Mrs. Francis L. Howington
  • Joseph and Colleen Jansen
  • Stephen and Jane Lukowicz
  • Edward Monahan
  • Rosetta and Bill Rush
  • Paul and Sylvia Simko
  • Rad and Kathy Sturgis
    in honor of Madeleine Taeni


  • Marilyn and Robert Adkins
  • Marjorie and Gene Bilotti
  • Alan and Jacquelin Cadkin
  • Robert H. Crossman
  • John and Gloria Fassett
  • Virginia Fleming
  • Ellie Fox
  • Kleist Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Beverly McNew
  • Linda Middleton
  • Mark and Barbara Mintz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hughes
  • Betty and Willey Parker
  • Robert Pease
  • Penny and Nick Ranson
  • Robert and Reina Schlager
  • Phyllis Scroggie
  • The L.A.T. Foundation
    Lee Ann Tauck, Trustee
  • Edward J. Sindelar
  • Sonia Wagner
  • Ruby Jean Wiltshire


  • Philip and Susan Beavers
  • Susan Cameron
  • Robert and Bonnie Chamberlain
  • Alfred Chapnick
  • Jane E. de Lisser
  • Charles and Anne Edwards
  • Susan and Gordon Fay
  • Dr. Robert and Alice Freeny
  • Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hall
  • Richard and Barbara Hansen
  • Mary Jane and John Hicks
  • Ann and Gene Hintz
  • Dr. Janice Ann Hughes
  • Dee and Don Hunter
  • Jerome Kaiser
  • Paul and Joyce Ann Kascsak
  • Marcia Lopata
  • Frank and Mary Lee Mann
  • Craig and Jeannie Martin
  • Susan and Frank Matthews
  • Philip and Sandra Mezey
  • Robin and Jan Mills
  • James and Laquita Passauer
  • Durrell and Karen Phillips
  • John and Donna Poole
  • Ulrich and Josette Rudow
  • Barbara Shafer
  • Peter and Mary Kay Sidell
  • Victoria and Bruce Stephan
  • Katrin and George Sternberg
  • Andrew F. Szabo, Sr.
  • Phyllis Westerman
  • Carter Wolfe


  • Patricia and John Anderson
  • Charles R. Appler
  • Linda Aronson
  • Dr. Adriana Austin
  • Ron and Pat Bailer
  • Jan Faber and Vicki Baker
  • Patricia Rae Barsse’
  • Antoinette and Peter Bauer
  • Anne Belida
  • Ted and Sarah Berg
  • Charlotte and Joseph Blitt
  • Doris Borkstrom
  • Gloria Boudreau
  • Nancy Clarkson
  • Frances Clement
  • Jack B. Choen
  • Michael and Lawsie Coler
  • Louise and Chris Cragg
  • Martha Cunningham
  • Donald Dillinger
  • James and Sharlene Dozier
  • Robert and Julia Duffney
  • Laura Dunlap
  • Maureen P. English
  • Geraldine Feldman
  • Mary Ann Ferrarese
  • Richard and Gail Foster
  • Steve and June France
  • George and Lois Frank
  • Tomas and Eva Frejka
  • Heide Gabriel-Zwaetz
  • Dr. Ken Gerson and Susan Rosenberg
  • Joseph and Mary Gormley
  • Sue B. Grimes
  • Carl and Linda Grispino
  • Muriel Hackney
  • Dianne Hall
  • Peggy and Frank Harmon
  • Sam and Sandra Haynie
  • George Hoch
  • Michael and Michela Howell
  • David and Annabelle Hutson and IBM International Foundation
  • Bernette K. Jaffe
  • Jean James
  • Bradley and Nina Keller
  • John and Kathleen Kennedy
  • Anne C. Kniskern
  • Vicki and Michael Konover
  • and Mrs. Michael Kyle
  • Rob and Kathy Leitch
  • Jeanne Logeais
  • Thomas and Linda Logio
  • Juanita Lownes
  • George T. and Jena Mann
  • Dorothy Marshall
  • and Mrs. David McCormick
  • and Mrs. Francis X. McGinn
  • Michael and Linda McVey
  • Marianne Micco
  • Barbara and Ed Mitchell
  • Chris Nellans
  • Cynthia and Steve Novak
  • Robert and Paula Novander
  • William and Jocelyn Paterson
  • Nancy J. Paul
  • Gabriele F. Pfeiffer
  • Tom Poe
  • Steve and Lou Pontius
  • Karen Porch
  • Richard and Betty Porell
  • Lorraine and Ron Prevost
  • Eugene S. Pronicki
  • Richard and Helen Quodomine
  • Anthony and Madelyn Ranno
  • Carol C. Robinson
  • Mike and Ava Roeder
  • Frank and Ruth Rogers
  • David and Nancy Rummel
  • John Sadowski
  • Michael and Verena, Schneider-Christians
  • Lawrence and Arlene Schuetz
  • Sylvia Seer
  • Joseph H. Silverstein
  • Richard and Pamela Simon
  • Norton and Judith Sims
  • John and Carolyn Smith, Johnson & Johnson
  • Sharon Smith
  • Victor and Jacqueline Solomon
  • John Stefani and Sharon McAllister
  • Deborah Strobl
  • Beverly Taht
  • Vicki and Alan Taylor
  • Berneda Taylor
  • Neil and Ruth Tessler
  • Barbara Thomas
  • Polly Timberlake
  • John J. Trapp and Catherine A. Holt
  • Jeri Vahrenhorst
  • Bert and Isabelle van Beever
  • Garrett T. Van Siclen
  • Larry and Jacqueline Wagner
  • William and Maureen Workman
  • and Mrs. J. Dennis Yavorsky
  • Charmaine Yeadon
  • Paul and Nancy Young
  • Sandra and Herb Zakrison
  • George Zell


  • John and Edna Acquavilla
  • Dan and Kathy Adams
  • Gloria and John Agel
  • Silvia Aizpurviete
  • Frank Alberti
  • Ed and Barbara Anderson
  • Nancy and Robert Armocida
  • Marilyn Baker
  • Edwin Barselle
  • Elaine Boyrer
  • and Mrs. Ernest Brookfield
  • Sue Citterman
  • Evelyn Clark
  • Roger and Carolyn Clary
  • Barb Coons
  • Rose Cushion
  • Frances D’Alessandro
  • Ron and Amy Del Bianco
  • Stanley and Karen Deutsch
  • Margaret Farago
  • Brendan and Judith Giblin
  • Joseph and Seanne Heffernan
  • Andy and Rosemarie Herkommer
  • Gordon Hirsch
  • Lauretta Hubbard
  • James Hynden
  • Barbara Ison
  • Kirsten Ivancevic
  • Gloria Katz
  • Robert and Nancy Kohlbecker
  • Rebecca Kon
  • Justine Kramer
  • Gary and Carol Kreml
  • Virginia Krider
  • William Kroll and Nicholas LaBean
  • Martha Layne
  • Frank Lee
  • Phyllis Liebman
  • Lisa Linkiewicz
  • Paula MacIlwaine
  • Al and Anne Mielenhausen
  • Nancy Paterson
  • Candace Patton
  • Putzi Reitter
  • William and Joyce Robertson
  • Victoria Shankland
  • Francis and Ruth Stanek
  • Al and Virginia Stanton
  • Charlotte K. Stiles
  • Victoria Strich
  • Miles Thomson
  • George and Peggy Torrance
  • Daniel and Barbara Van Antwerp
  • Robert Vinikoor
  • Kay Jenkins
  • Barbara Wallingford
  • Janet Ware
  • Arlene Westerfield
  • Gerri Westlund

Well Wisher

  • Csaba and Klara Bessko
  • Marion Blodgett
  • Kathleen S. Cadle
  • Elizabeth R. Carter
  • Marcia Connors
  • Denise Czarnomski and Gary Klebanoff
  • Kathryn Engle
  • Doreen Faulkner
  • Mae Folb
  • Bernard and JoAnne Fowler
  • Fran and Vincent Gatti
  • Maria and Anthony Giampaolo
  • Clive A. Goodwin
  • Nona Gronau
  • Susan Groskreutz
  • Anne Hazi
  • Teddy Joy Hogle
  • Bee Horner
  • and Mrs. Ed Hurwitz
  • David and Caryl Keet
  • Joe and Diane Kristof
  • Charlotte Lefton
  • Marion Lietz
  • Nancy Malecek
  • Ida and Paul Martinson
  • Gretchen McCaw
  • Philomena Mehr
  • John and Angela Moran
  • Lynn Myrick
  • Noreen Nackenson
  • Terry Robertson and Marilyn Leehan
  • Lubov Ruvinskaya
  • Harold Schuetz
  • Karen Serret
  • Ann-Marie Smith
  • Barbara and Peter Smith
  • Rosalind Smith
  • Nan Sprague
  • Joel and Renee Sugar
  • Charles and Barbara Surmonte
  • Keith and Kathey Szyperski
  • Sheila Vihanek
  • Nancy Wallace
  • Rosemarie Sue Willis
  • Clyde and Priscilla Yerkes
  • Pamela Zapf
  • Stella Zedro


You can Purchase Season Memberships by printing out the Subscription Order Form and mailing it to P. O. Box 606, Fort Myers, FL 33902.  If you have questions phone 239-693-4849 or email MLMannConcerts@aol.com.

Season tickets are mailed mid November.

Attention Lee County School Board employees. Phone 239-481-4849 for your special rates and students’ free season memberships or single concert tickets after November 30, 2020.


You can purchase tickets to individual concerts by calling 239-481-4849, the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Box Office after November 30, 2020.