2013 / 2014 DONORS

2013 / 2014 DONORS

The Fort Myers Community Concert Association 2013-2014 Season Sponsors

The Association expresses its gratitude to all who have made contributions to the success of this season and especially to the following for their extraordinary support.

Mrs. Davis, known affectionately as “Berne” who will be celebrating her 100th birthday on March 19, 2014 and her 66 years as a member of the Fort Myers Community Concert Association, is our Series Underwriter this year.  She was our very first Series Sponsor for the 1995-96 Season, in honor of her then recently deceased husband.  She has also been a Program Sponsor since the 1997-98 season, usually choosing the dance performance, as she is this year as sponsor of the Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia.  Over those years, she has also contributed substantially to our Endowment Fund, to ensure the continuation of the Association.  This gracious southern lady and patron of the arts supports educational and entertainment opportunities for students as well as adults through the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center in downtown Fort Myers.  Her other love is gardening and she has sponsored a Healing Garden for our local Cancer Center and, adjacent to the Sponsor’s Lounge at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, the beautiful Berne Davis Garden.


Our first concert, Haifa Symphony Orchestra of Israel’s Program Sponsor is a longtime family friend, in memory of Barbara B. Mann and her many years of promoting the performing arts in our area.


An anonymous community member is our Program Sponsor for Theresa Walters, Pianist, our second concert.


Our Season Sponsor, who usually sponsors our ballet production, this year is excited to sponsor the folk dance group,  Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia.


Madeleine R. Taeni returns as the Program Sponsor for one of her beloved operas, Donizetti’s “L’Elisir D’Amore.”  Madeleine is deeply committed to ensuring that the Association continues to provide a quality opera each season.


Our Program Sponsors for the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields with Joshua Bell, Music Director and Violin, are Dr. and Mrs. John B. Fenning, John and Fran, who delight in being able to help the Association bring these world renowned musicians to our series.


  • Anonymous
  • Mrs. Sidney Davis
  • Family Friend
  • Dr. and Mrs. John B. Fenning
  • Madeleine R. Taeni


  • Paul and Barbara Oski Beane
  • Sunshine T. Bobo
  • Mr. Robert Crossman
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. Robert Diefenbach
  • Kleist Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Randy and Karen Knific
  • Mark and Barbara Mintz
  • Dorothy and Charles Munsch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hughes
  • Robert Pease
  • Robert and Reina Schlager
  • Phyllis Scroggie


  • Briggs Music Appreciation Fund
  • Robin and Kathy Dean
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Fassett
  • Alice Good
  • Jean Hinckley
  • Michael F. Kelly
  • Harry W. Mohlmann
  • Marcia F. Wilson
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Wright


  • Dr. Rolf Andreassen and Norma Neumann
  • Patricia and Richard Bailly
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barnes
  • Ted and Cathy Bluey
  • Drs. John & Priscilla Douglas
  • Donald L. Fjellin
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Freeny
  • Drs. John and Jelena Gill
  • Marilyn Glaude
  • Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hall
  • Richard and Barbara Hansen
  • Larry R. Hanson and
  • William J. Shaw
  • David and Kay Higgins
  • George Hoch
  • Charlene D. Hoover
  • Mr. James Hughes and Dr. Janice Hughes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hunter
  • Paul and Joyce Kascasak
  • Perry and Sylvia Longaker
  • Marcia Lopata
  • Stephen and Jane Lukowicz
  • Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Maxeiner
  • Robin and Jan Mills
  • Ed and Sandi Monahan
  • Otto and Sheila Muller-Girard
  • Betty and Wiley Parker
  • Durrell and Karen Phillips
  • John and Donna Poole
  • Anthony and Madelyn Ranno
  • James and Margaret Reeves
  • Aino Roosma
  • Michael and Rosemary Sentelik
  • Hon. and Mrs. Robert T. Shafer
  • Norton and Judith Sims
  • Beverly Taht
  • Judith Trotta
  • Albert and Margaret White
  • Karen and Bruce Wilburn
  • Dr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Yavorsky


  • Peter and Vernyle Abramoff
  • Dan and Kathy Adams
  • William and Mary Jo Allen
  • Charles R. Appler
  • Patricia Barsse’
  • Stuart and Sharon Baum
  • Jerry and Susan Beaver
  • Philip and Susan Beavers
  • Stan and Sharon Behrman
  • D.A. Birch
  • Dan and Phyllis Black
  • Sunshine Bobo
    In honor of Barbara B. Mann
  • Carl and Martha Book
  • Theodore and Doris Borkstrom
  • Nancy Lou Bright
    and Joseph Galipeo
  • Dolores Buwick
  • Charlie and Miriam Byers
  • David and Eleanor Caccamise
  • Joan and Don Calder
  • Robert and Bonnie
  • Mary T. Cook
  • Dottie Lee and Frank Corbin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Davis
  • Paul and Eileen Davis
  • Donald and Mary Carol
  • Philip and Theresa DiMauro
  • Wesley and Sophie Dirks
  • David and Beverly Ann Doupe’
  • Ned and Carol Downing
  • Lois and Leo Eason
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Edwards
  • Maureen P. English
  • Victor and Janet Erml
  • Donald and JoAnn Fosselman
  • Richard and Gail Foster
  • Dr. Bayard T. French
    and Carol Townsend
  • Heide Gabriel-Zwaetz
  • Stan and Rusty Geiser
    and Eli Lilly Foundation
  • Allen Gerth
  • Jim and Ruth Goodale
  • Joseph and Mary Gormley
  • Curtis and Joan Green
  • Karen and Jack Green
  • Sue B. Grimes
  • Carl and Linda Grispino
  • Lucie Hall
  • Peter and Elizabeth Halpern
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harmon
  • Nora Harmon
  • Walter and Edna Heery
  • Joe and Ann Henningsen
  • Ann and Eugene Hintz
  • Frances H. Hisaoka
    and Morton Feldman
  • Suzanne Howard
  • Wallace D. Hunter, Ph.D.
  • Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hutson
    and IBM International Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaye
  • Fran Kieling
  • Barbara L. King
  • Elaine Koenig
  • Teresa Krass
  • Henning and Gertrud Lauer
  • Rob and Kathy Leitch
  • obert and Marsha Leo
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Logio
  • Dr. and Mrs.
    Francis X. McGinn
  • Gary and Linda McGugan
  • Jack and Dottie Merwin
  • Philip and Sandra Mezey
  • Robert D. Moore
  • Barbara and Duane Moyer
  • Chris Nellans
  • Eugene and Carol Nelson
  • Marjorie L. Newton
  • Karen and Charles North
  • Jack and Karen Page
  • Roger and Nancy Paul
  • Robert and Elizabeth Payne
  • Erik and Lana Petersen
  • Lorraine Reagan
  • Natalie R. Pillion
  • Steve and Lou Pontius
  • Andrew Popp
  • Karen and George Porch
  • Richard and Betty Porell
  • Lorraine and Ron Prevost
  • Richard and Helen Quodomine
  • Robin Raineri
  • Walter and Marilyn Rak
  • Penny and Nick Ranson
  • Judith and Americo Reis
  • Ann H. Rozema
  • Marilyn Sargent
  • Tom and Ellie Savereide
  • Ortraud Scherer
  • Dorothy Schirtzinger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Schmidt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schuster
  • Alvin and Eileen Schwartz
  • Harold and Sylvia Seer
  • Jack and Virginia Shea
  • David and Carolyn Sides
  • Neal and Barbara Siewert
  • Joseph H. Silverstein
  • Edward J. Sindelar
  • Jim and Maria Smith
  • John and Carolyn Smith and
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Tom and Ann Smoot
  • Howard and Sandra Stern
  • Alek and Victoria Strich
  • Berneda Taylor
  • Neil and Ruth Tessler
  • Mr. C. Robert Thomas
  • Rita-Marie Thompson
  • Bruce Toepfer
  • John J. Trapp
    and Catherine A. Holt
  • Mollie H. Treadway
  • Shirley S. Turk
  • Jack and Jeanne Tyrer
  • Bert and Isabelle van Beever
  • Garrett Van Siclen
  • Ann Wadsworth
  • Richard and Sonia Wagner
  • Larry and Jacqueline Wagner
  • Judith and James Walczak
  • Dorothy and Jerry Walsh
  • Vi and Jerry Weis
  • Dr. and Mrs. James J. Wert
  • Leonard and Patricia
  • Janet S. Wick
  • Lila Williamson
  • Margie Black Willis
  • Daniel and Gladys Wood
  • Mr. and Mrs.
    William F. Workman
  • John and Marjorie Wyman
  • Paul and Nancy Young
  • John and Joan Zerolis


  • Johanna Alpar
  • Ed and Barbara Anderson
  • Roger Bintz
  • Carol Butler
  • Kathleen S. Cadle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cameron
  • Frances and Harry Cenci
  • John and Rita Cheetham
  • Kathy Cook
  • Frances D’Alessandro
  • Marvin DeArmon
  • Jan and Hal Drake
  • John and Janice Eitelgeorge
  • Ralph and Olive Fabisiak
  • Suzanne Ferguson
  • Mary Ann Ferrarese
  • George and Lois Frank
  • Mildred and Hal Fullam
  • Robin E. Gadsby
  • Claudia and Clive Goodwin
  • Dorothy Graham
  • Patricia Grulke
  • Mary A. Hagan
  • James and Mary Hallinan
  • Rodney and Juanita Harrison
  • William and Doris Heerlein
  • Rosemary Litwin
  • Ruthann Price
  • James Hynden
  • Bernette K. Jaffe
  • Doug and Jolene Jeranson
  • Judy Koloski
  • Charlotte Kowitch
  • Joseph and Diane Kristof
  • Phillip and Charlotte Lefton
  • Peter and Nel Lenshoek
  • Phyllis Liebman
  • Bernard Lisman
  • Jack and Rochelle Litvack
  • Jeanne Logeais
  • Neil and Cynthia MacKinnon
  • Dorothy Maran
  • Dorothy Marshall
  • Dr. and Mrs.
    David C. McCormick
  • Ruth Meredith
  • Alvera Morgan
  • William and Peggy Myers
  • Mae Jean Nothstine
  • Barbara and Ladd Orr
  • Martin and Enid Packard
  • William Parker
  • Candace Patton
  • Harold and Marlene Payne
  • Eugene Pronicki
  • David Rampp and Jack Walker
  • Putzi Reitter
  • Virginia Renick
  • Susan Rosenberg
  • Raymond and Donna Ross
  • Dr. Christof
    and Renate Schaertlin
  • Wayne and Jan Schneider
  • Madeline and Louis Seefeld
  • Catherine Shackleford
  • Earl and Shirley Simard
  • Joan and Floyd Sorenson
  • Joel and Renee Sugar
  • Vicki and Alan Taylor
  • Frederick and Linda Tepper
  • Cotter and Joanne Tharin
  • Nancy Trainor
  • Elizabeth Trump
  • David and Helen Turnbull
  • Jeri Vahrenhorst
  • Betty and John Walsh
  • M. Richard Weiss
  • Dr. and Mrs. George Westacott
  • Gerri Westlund


  • Joel and Eve Aron
  • James and Katie Avtges
  • Cello Bennett
  • Jerome and Joyce Biederwolf
  • Ellsworth and Elaine Cabot
  • Kathleen S. Cadle
  • Elizabeth R. Carter
  • Henrik S. Christensen
  • Roger and Carolyn Clary
  • Robert T. Conroy
  • Angelo and Ann Constan
  • Donovan and Roberta Cornish
  • Mary Cramer
  • Robert and Judith Currier
  • Ann L. Deignan
  • Amy and Ron Del Bianco
  • Evelyn M. Doyle
  • Judith Easton
  • Sylvia and Benno Eidus
  • Helen M. Frank
  • Luda Goldenberg
  • Susan Green
  • Nona Gronau
  • Mary Guhne
  • Susan Haywood
  • Mildred S. Juel
  • Louis and Ruth Klein
  • Irving and Martha Layne
  • Robert and Carol Levine
  • Lynne B. Lewin
  • Lisbeth and Jesper Lossow
  • Catherine McGinnis
  • Merton and Sandra Morse
  • Patricia Neely
  • Richard and Gloria New
  • Karin Orngreen-Svendsen
  • William Parker
  • Lorraine Polasek
  • 41. Vera Pop-Lazic
  • Patricia Postorino
  • David Rampp
  • Ann M. Sanborn
  • Harry and Claire Shaprio
  • Edythe Sheinbaum
  • Stanley and Juanita Slonina
  • John and Leeanne Stenson
  • Charlotte K. Stiles
  • Rosanne Taylor
    and Ed Ripperger
  • Allan and Vibeke Voss
  • Janet Ware
  • Clyde and Priscilla Yerkes
  • Pamela Zapf

Endowment Fund in Memory of Barbara B. Mann

  • Margaret M. Allen
  • Family of Vula Armeda
  • Chris and Rick Berry
  • D. A. Birch
  • Sunshine T. Bobo
  • Bonnie, Tammie and the staff at The Oasis Restaurant
  • Boyle, Gentile, Leonard and Crockett, P.A.
  • President Wilson G. Bradshaw and Mrs. Jo Anna Bradshaw
  • Sidney B. Brinson
  • Charlie Doss and the staff at Williams Hardware, Inc.
  • Suzanne and Charles Edwards
  • Olive and Ralph Fabisiak
  • Bruce and Beverly Grady
  • Attorneys and Staff at Henderson, Franklin, Starnes and Holt, P.A.
  • Barbara Anderson Hill
  • Bob and Paula Himschoot
  • Sarah Jane Kaserman
  • The Kleist Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Lee County Administration
  • Lee County Attorney’s Office
  • Bernie Lester
  • Richard and Sherry Loller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Lowman
  • Mr. James G. Lowman
  • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lowman, III
  • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lowman, IV
  • Frank and Mary Lee Mann
  • Frank Mann, Jr.
  • Ian F. Mann
  • Vera Myers
  • The Sewell Family
  • John and Ellen Sheppard
  • Lynn Barrett Shunk
  • Jon and Joyce Simmons
  • Gene R. Solomon
  • Hugh and Judy Starnes
  • Marc C. Sullivan
  • Southwest FL and Lee County Fair Assoc. Inc.
  • Gay Rebel Thompson
  • Dr. Polly Timberlake
  • Jack and Jeanne Tyrer
  • Carolyn Vermilya
  • Ken and Mary Jo Walker
  • Philinda Young


You can purchase memberships by calling (239) 693-4849, printing out the Subscription Order Form and mailing it to our post office box, or going to the web site for the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall.

After October 8th, all membership and single ticket inquiries should go to 239-489-4171, our direct Community Concert line at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Box Office.

Attention Lee County School Board employees. Phone 239-489-4171 for your special rates and students’ free season memberships or single concert tickets.